Per Bjornholt, Senior Partner, Industrial Solutions

Mr. Bjornholt has 25 years of experience as Senior Engineer in state of the art automation, industrial manufacturing, information technology, process optimisation and in manufacturing security & safety matters.

His adaptable software solutions help industrial clients to optimise process and production efficiency between installed industrial assets & equipment and the supply chain systems. He has designed and built turn-key industrial projects around the world for various industries like breweries, dairies, concrete manufacturer plants, paper factories, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hard metals processing companies ranging from fully-automated spray-driers, batch-system plants, recycling plants, UHT/CIP/dosing plants.

Mr. Bjornholt started his career with Siemens Denmark, where he managed their automation process department. In his next career step he was a process manager with a Danish paper plant, where he was responsible for the production process, the maintenance programs, quality control and planning.

Mr. Bjornholt continues his work in developing software solutions for industrial automation concepts worldwide. He currently is also a consultant for APV and Anhydro.

Mr. Bjornholt studied in Denmark and has Diplomas in B.Sc.  Electro-engineering. He speaks Danish, English and German.