Marc W. Peters, Head of Global Industrial Strategy

Mr Peters oversees the global industrial manufacturing and engineering research and strategy consulting at CGI.

Mr. Peters was most recently Managing Director at Ceratungsten Sarl (Luxembourg) where he developed, upgraded, restructured and managed the world’s leading tungsten and tungsten carbide conversion plant for the Ceratizit group, a worldwide leader in hard metal matters. Mr. Peters became a specialist in physical tungsten metallurgy, thermodynamics and transport phenomena and his in-depth understandings of the tungsten chemical reactions in relation with the effects of hydrogen were of major importance for subsequent quality and quantity outputs.

Through both his scientific know-how and his management leadership, Mr. Peters was able to develop coherent processes, optimizing and enhancing process management and overall manufacturing performance to “best in class” standards.

He enjoys to be part of innovating global industrial concepts, improving corporate cultures and finding solutions to global environmental matters.

Mr. Peters has diplomas in biological, agricultural and environmental sciences and completed his studies at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) as a graduated chemical engineer and as a industrial process engineer. He is married and has two children.