The expertise, the commitment and the resources we offer to our clients are of an exceptional level. Our team combines over 250 years of experience in global financial investment research, consulting and marketing, fund raising, fund consulting/advisory, managing funds, managing fund of funds, corporate venture advisory, and investment consulting. We communicate in over 8 languages with our global clients.

With offices in the United States, the UK and Europe, our team members are well situated to respond to our global clients needs. We invest time with our clients to ascertain their exact needs, structure and their market positioning.

Our customers recognize the benefits of a strategic partnership with us. Being independent enables us to give our customers a more objective service and a level of integrity that is a hallmark of our organization. We offer a multitude of creative solutions and performance enhancements to our strategic partners.

Our clients include top US and European mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, hedge funds, alternative assets managers and private money managers.