Feliks Lukas, Director of Industrial Consulting

Feliks LukasMr. Lukas has 10 years experience in sports, first as an active player, then as a tennis pro coaching and helping to organize tennis academies and camps in USA and Europe and finally as a sports manager representing talented athletes and organizing tournaments for tennis professionals. During his career he became a certified member of United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) with their highest rating Professional level 1, International Coaches Institute (ICI), Professional tennis coaches association (PTCA), Registro Profesional de tennis (RPT) and Group ESTESS quality network.

He has been elected into the Executive Board of tennis association of Dalmatia, subsidiary of Croatian tennis association.

Prior to joining Creative Global Investments, Mr. Lukas was one of the founders and executive director of Luxembourg based company, Lux Sports Marketing S.a.r.l. and director of family owned company in Croatia, Lukas Sport d.o.o. He was responsible for development of marketing strategy and execution of the company’s strategies.

In 2014, he successfully organized and managed 20 professional tennis tournaments under the supervision of ITF (International Tennis Federation) and created a revolutionary system of pro tournament organization. Because of this achievement that attracted 1,150 pro tennis players from 52 countries, Mr. Lukas received official recognition from the President of the Republic of Croatia who became a promoter of this event.

Mr. Lukas holds a master’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management and a bachelor degree in Business Economy, both from the University of Split, Croatia. Because of the success he made with defending his master thesis “The impact of choice of market strategy of receptive entrepreneurship to the development of tourism in Croatia” and his working experience in U.S. and Europe, Mr. Lukas was a guest teacher on Faculty of Economy in Split on compulsory courses:  Selective forms of tourism, Marketing strategies in tourism and Event management. During his college education, Mr. Lukas was a founder and president of the student association at the University of Split and was involved in improving  implementation of the Bologna process in the Faculty of Economy. He has organized numerous humanitarian events, concerts and sports events in Croatia.

Mr. Lukas is fluent in English and Croatian and has a working knowledge in Italian, German and Spanish.