Stjepan Kalinic, Market Strategist (CMT)

Raised as a musical prodigy, Mr. Kalinic started to perform concerts internationally at the age of 13 and became a professional by the age of 17.

During his studies Mr. Kalinic was recognized for his cognitive abilities, articulate writing and oratorical prowess and has extensively collaborated with his professors; producing research papers in the field of Strategic Marketing and Image Management.

One of those projects resulted in cooperation with IKEA whilst developing a marketing tool based on Augmented Reality and in addition a thesis entitled “Technology Acceptance of IKEA Mobile Application”.

While exploring career options, as a game-theory enthusiast, Mr. Kalinic was strongly attracted to financial markets, which led him to learn technical analysis and start trading a private account.

Prior to joining Creative Global Investments as Market Strategist (CMT), Mr. Kalinic held a position of Marketing Manager of the Croatian WTA tournament as well as positions at IT startups in London and New York City.

Mr. Kalinic has studied extensively in the various fields of Economics. He is a graduate from the University of Split (Croatia), Jönköping International Business School (Sweden) and has also attended École supérieure du commerce extérieur (Paris, France).

Mr. Kalinic is fluent in English and Croatian and has a working knowledge in Swedish.